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Our range of professional 24V LED strips are available in a wide range of wattages, lumen outputs, colours & IP ratings. We use a 2 bin LED selection to ensure colour consistency between batches, and genuine 3M Self adhesive backing on all of our IP20 & IP65 strips. All of our LED Strips are dimmable as standard.

Code Watt p/m colour Lumen p/m PK Size PCB Width  Voltage
6WIP20-5M-WW 6W 2700K 600 5M 8MM 24V
6WIP20-5M-CW 6W 4500K 600 5M 8MM 24V
6WIP20-5M-DL 6W 6500K 600 5M 8MM 24V
6WIP20-50M-WW 6W 2700K 600 50M 8MM 24V
6WIP20-50M-CW 6W 4500K 600 50M 8MM 24V
6WIP20-50M-DL 6W 6500K 600 50M 8MM 24V
6WIP20-5M-BLU 6W BLUE 300 5M 8MM 24V
6WIP20-5M-RED 6W RED 300 5M 8MM 24V
6WIP20-5M-GRE 6W GREEN 300 5M 8MM 24V
6WIP20-5M-YEL 6W YELLOW 300 5M 8MM 24V
6WIP20-5M-PUR 6W PURPLE 300 5M 8MM 24V