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Digital RGB LED Strips

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LuxLite’s NEW range of digital LED strip is available in 3 options, IP20 for Indoor use, IP65 or IP66 for external lighting applications.

The strip can be supplied on its own on a 5m roll, however we would recommend taking it as a complete set, to ensure you have all of the right components to make it work.

Please see 40W driver & remote control in the drop down menu and be sure to add it to your basket.

You can program the Digital RGB strip to perform a multitude of effects, including static, flashing, single or multicolored chasing effects and gradual fades.


Code Watts P/M Colour Lumen P/M PK Size PCB Width Voltage IP Rating 
12V7WIP20-RGB-SPI-5M 7.2W RGB 450 5m 10mm 12V IP20
12V7WIP65-RGB-SPI-5M 7.2W RGB 450 5m 10mm 12V IP65
12V7WIP66-RGB-SPI-5M 7.2W RGB 450 5m 10mm 12V IP66